SciVation Xtend 90 Serves

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The most advanced sugar-free and carbohydrate-free intra-workout catalyst in the world. At the heart of XTEND is 7g of BCAAs — in the nature-designed and research-proven 2:1:1 ratio — plus glutamine and citrulline malate. Want to recover faster and have far better results to show for it? Look no further than Scivation’s world-renowned recovery formula.

  • Accelerate your recovery
  • Help avoid muscle fatigue
  • Increase ATP (energy) production and muscular endurance
  • Cell volumisation helps increase an anabolic (muscle building) response
  • Increase your immunity and digestive health

Give yourself an edge in achieving your goals, the perfect combination with our personal training APP. If you aren't on our APP already you can get 14 days of FREE personal training now at www.tryfitnessonline.com

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